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The Dark Side Of HR And The Transition To Light

In my early years, I worked in the field of accounting. I started as an AR/AP clerk, worked my way up to bookkeeper, and finally became a controller. I excelled in this field. I used to tell people, "God gives everyone a talent; mine just happens to be accounting." My goal was to become a CPA. However, somewhere in the 10+ years in accounting roles, I began to lose my passion for what I was doing.

During this period, HR duties started to fall on my desk. I think it was because I just couldn't say no. What I found out is that I really loved the HR field, especially the compliance side of HR. The best part about being a generalist is that you get to do a little bit of everything in HR and discover what you are really good at. So, transitioning from accounting to HR and finding compliance as my passion wasn’t shocking.

**Discovering My Passion for HR**

The shocking part was working for businesses and talking to other business leaders to find out that, while compliance is important, they didn't want to invest resources in it. Many of these business owners believed that employees weren’t intelligent enough to know their rights. This kind of thinking usually ended up blowing up in their faces.

I remember being reprimanded for purchasing updated labor posters. I will never forget being told, "Posting these posters only encourages employees to sue companies, and the next time you want to inform employees of their rights, you can find a new place to work." I left work that day upset and rethinking my choice in a career path.

**The Thin Line HR Walks**

What most employees don't understand is that HR walks a very thin line. We are hired to protect the company, create a culture to attract talent, mitigate issues between the employee and the company, all while giving the perception that we are always on the employees' side. What we are taught to do is figure out the risk, exposure, and liability to the company.

**My Transition to HR Consulting**

When I left the corporate world in 2018 due to personal reasons, I knew that I never wanted to stop working in the HR profession. Through networking, I have kept myself up to date and taken on small ad-hoc projects, nothing more than handbooks and audits. This wasn't steady work, but it did keep the flame in my passion for Human Resources. When I am asked, "Why am I starting an HR consulting business?" I always tell people it was not my goal nor my intention in the beginning, but now it is what motivates me and drives me.

**Integrity at the Core**

I constantly think about what culture I want my business to reflect, and I always circle back to the word INTEGRITY. This is at the core of C34 HR Consulting. I pride myself on this foundation, and I believe without integrity I will never succeed. Integrity means doing the right thing, even when it's difficult. It's about ensuring that businesses not only comply with legal requirements but also foster a culture of transparency and respect. I want every business I help to know and understand the importance of the word INTEGRITY and how having it will set them up to surpass their competitors.

**My Mission**

My mission is to empower small businesses by driving compliance, fostering employee development, and supporting strategic growth. My goal is to be the first HR consulting firm local small businesses turn to when they need HR solutions that are founded in integrity.

**Changing the HR Narrative**

Through my company, I aim to change the narrative around HR and compliance. I want businesses to see the value in investing in their HR practices, not just as a way to avoid legal issues, but as a means to create a thriving and engaged workforce.

**A New Journey**

I have ended my journey from accounting to HR and have begun the journey of entrepreneurship. My passion for human resources is no longer just a flame; it is the bonfire that lights the night sky. This journey is all because I believe every small business owner deserves an HR business partner with unwavering integrity.

**Join Us on This Journey**

If you share this vision of integrity and excellence in HR, I invite you to connect with me through my company C34 HR Consulting. Together, we can create a brighter future for your business.

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